F.I. Initiatives

SAs – District and Bank wise      District wise BCs List


  • RBI has been advising all Banks to take steps for relocation of the Branches which are closed/shifted due to security reasons. RBI has also conducted exclusive meetings of banks for the purpose.
  • All Banks are advised to take steps for improving the banking services in the potential centers and also existing operational areas.
  • All Banks are advised to implement the plan given as per the schedule by appointing adequate BCAs and USBs.
  • All Banks are advised to open bank accounts to migrant labours, street Vendors and Hawkers in urban areas. All Banks are advised to install 100 Pos machines free of cost in the district.
  • All Rural branches to take up Financial Literacy campaigns and submit the report to RBI/LDM.
  • All Banks are advised to open more number of Bank branches in the needy tribal areas where the banking facilities are required.


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